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How do the Corners stick to the phone?

We worked closely with 3M to develop the perfect adhesive for Corners4. Each purchase includes 2 sets of adhesive strips that have been designed to attach Corners4 to your phone. Simply apply the adhesive strip to the corner of the phone (view installation instructions included in the package), remove the paper backing and slide the Corner over the strip. Once the Corner is in place, you need to apply firm pressure (Corner to phone) for 30 seconds to make certain the Corner bonds firmly with the corner of the phone.

Will they come off?

Under normal use, the Corners should remain adhered to your phone. Our adhesive holds the Corners firmly on your phone without damaging it or permanently bonding to it.

How do I remove them if I need to repair my phone?

Corners4 was purposely designed to be a non-permanent application. We understand that you might change phones, need a repair or want to switch to a new Corners4 color. If you would like to remove them, pulling with a firm finger will get them off. Before you reapply, you will need to remove all adhesive from the inside of the Corner piece (a pair of tweezers is ideal for this purpose) and remove any adhesive residue from the phone. When you reinstall the Corners, use a new adhesive strip and follow the installation instructions included in the original package.

Can I order additional adhesive sets?

Yes, they are available for purchase in sets of four. Please email 4support@corners4.com

Can I buy a replacement Corner?

Do you need to replace a lost Corner or want to mix some colors? Individual Corners4 are available for purchase. Please email 4support@corners4.com with your request.

What if I don’t apply the adhesive strips properly?

It happens sometimes. We have included 4 extra adhesive strips in the package.

The Corner is covering the camera lens. What happened?

For the iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s, one of the Corner pieces in a set is designed with a “notch” to fit around the camera lens. Make sure to apply the “notched Corner” to fit around the camera lens. For the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus there is no notched Corner.

How long will these stay on my phone?

It depends on how the phone is used. We have some users that have had Corners4 on their phone for over a year and counting.

If I remove a Corner, how do I remove the adhesive from my phone?

The adhesive should come off fairly easily. Remove any adhesive residue by rubbing with your hand or a soft cloth.

What if I lose a Corner?

Since Corners4 aren’t permanently attached to the phone, there may be an unusual circumstance where they become dislodged. If you happen to lose a Corner, we offer individual Corners for purchase.

If I remove a Corner, can I put it back on using the same adhesive strip?

Once a Corner is removed, the original adhesive loses some of its stickiness. If you remove a Corner, we suggest that you thoroughly remove the adhesive and residue from the Corner piece and the phone and then reapply a new adhesive strip to the phone. View installation instructions included in the package before reattaching the Corner.

The adhesive is sticking out from the edge of the Corner after I attached it.

Our 3M adhesive strip stretches to conform to the Corners. Occasionally, some of the adhesive may be exposed – it’s OK – you can easily trim away the excess or tuck it under the Corner by running your fingernail or thumbnail around the Corner.

My phone won’t stand upright like the illustration on the box.

Depending on the installation, the position of the corners may be a little out of line.  Place your phone on its side on a flat surface – it should stand easily.  If it doesn’t, slightly nudge the corners with your fingers to get them in the correct position as shown in the instructions and the video

Can I use a docking station with Corners4?

Yes. Most docking stations can be used with Corners4. In the rare case that a certain docking station won’t work, we suggest using a 3mm audio jack to connect to the input of your dock.

Can I use Corners4 with a screen protector on my phone?

Apple uses aluminosilicate​ glass on the iPhone. It’s an incredibly durable and scratch-resistant material. The screen protector itself can become scratched and cloudy and detract from the beauty of your phone. It is possible to apply Corners4 over a 2mm or less protector, you just need to be a little more exact and gentle on the installation. Anything thicker that that probably won’t accommodate Corners4’s precise tolerance.

How many colors are available?

For the iPhone 4/4s, we offer Gold, Bright Silver, Black Diamond, and Pink. For the iPhone 5/5s, we offer Bright Gold, Slate, Black Diamond, Silver Satin, Bright Silver, and Ruby Red. For the iPhone6 and 6 Plus we offer Satin Gold, Bright Gold, Silver Satin and Graphite.

Can I order additional adhesive and/or Corners?

Yes. Additional adhesive strips and individual Corners are available for purchase, please email us at 4support@corners4.com with your requests

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